Energy conservation means, not only turning off the lights when not in use, but chosing lights that use very little energy when we have them turned on.
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is dedicated to:
Advancing LED lighting technology as an essential step in solving the world's energy crisis. 
Serving as a hub for information on the advancements being made in LED lighting technology.
Serving as a resource for developers, manufacturers, distributors, installers, and end users of LED lighting.
Combining LED lighting with solar or wind energy, and making the technology available to millions of people worldwide whohave no access to electricity.
Imagine the possibilities of light that:
  • provides superior light for reading and working, 
  • is easy on the eyes, promoting health and well-being, 
  • prevents pollution and global warming by drastically slowing consumption needs (use 10% of energy)
  • lasts a very long time, and uses a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional incandescent and flourescent light, 
  • will help free all people of the intense and chaotic results of dependencies on  polluting and fast depleting energy sources, such as oil, nuclear, coal
  • and, provides light under which plants and animals (including humans) seem to thrive.
Why compact flourescent light bulbs are not the answer
Though they use less energy than incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs are putting 30,000 pounds of toxic mercury into the environment every year.